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Nicole Snell                   Bree Swartz


introduction-thumbScript for Introducing a Students Fight Back Speaker

For over 20 years, Students Fight Back has been empowering millions of people in colleges and other organizations across the country to be their own best protectors in combating violence of all kinds!  Today you will be learning the valuable violence prevention tools that have been talked about on the Nike Trained Podcast, Women’s Health Magazine, the CBS Early Show and CNN as well as in The New York Times, Runners World, and Cosmopolitan.

Today our speaker is _______.  She is a certified Students Fight Back Speaker & Self-Defense Instructor and has studied dating & domestic violence, sexual assault prevention, stalking situations and campus security.  She is a Nova Certified Victim Advocate and is a graduate of the Students Fight Back Academy.  She has extensive training in full-contact physical self-defense, multiple assailant attacks, ground fighting and weapons defense.

In other words, this girl can kick some ass!

There are representatives from ________ here who are victim advocates and available to speak with anyone during or after the program if you need. At this time, please silence your phones, but feel free to join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using our hashtag #badassbasics!

Let’s give a warm welcome to ___________!


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SFB Poster

Students Fight Back poster


Students Fight Back poster - PG version

Students Fight Back poster – PG version

Students Fight Back NEW Poster – Badass version
Students Fight Back NEW Poster – PG version